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                               AutoBlast SMS
                              Little Package.

                                Big Power.

         Inexpensive Solution to SMS Marketing.

The AutoBlast SMS Bot allows you to send group SMS (text messages) to all of your clients, or individually. But you don't even have to have clients! The AutoBlast SMS Bot can optionally generate a webpage for you to upload to your website to collect subscribers to your SMS client list! Link to it from all over the web!

The Bot can handle hundreds of clients, and you can associate them into an unlimited amount of groups that you create. You can use this software for personal use or in your place of business*.

The Bot is easy to use! Just download it onto your Windows-based pc, set it up, and you're ready to send unlimited group SMS text messages for free. No installation required, just run the program.

Perfect for any Small Business With A Retail Location!
-Keep customers informed about discounts, specials, services and new products.

Perfect for Larger Businesses With Multiple Retail Locations!
-Keep customers informed about discounts, specials, services and new products. 

Perfect for Rental Management Companies!
-Keep potential renters informed about the availability of units.

Perfect for IT Service Companies!
-Keep clients informed about new security threats and new products and services.
-Broadcast info to your field techs easily.

Perfect for Restaurants!
-Page waiting customers via SMS. Never lose another pager! Don't need to worry about recharging!
-Keep them informed about discounts, specials and new dishes to keep them coming back.

Perfect for Realtors!
-Create continuous contact with your clients and prospective customers by:
1) Providing repeat sales statistics via SMS to subscribers of your farming neighborhoods.
2) Providing upcoming listings via SMS to subscribers of your farming neighborhoods.
3) Informing subscribers to your farming neighborhoods about pocket listings via SMS.
4) Alerting subscribers to your farming neighborhoods of open houses via SMS.
5) Adding an unlimited number of farming neighborhood "groups" as you expand your territory.

You benefit because: 
1)You secure your contacts on your computer, not online or cloud based, so you never lose them unlike other online services when your subscription runs out.

2) We're upfront about how we make money: It's a paid program for a one-time payment of only $9.99, meaning we support ourselves with your one time payment-others who offer so called "free" group messaging are either selling your contact info to third parties, or are making money off you in other unknown ways. 

You only need a POP3 email server like Gmail (free), and if you want to pick up subscribers, a website to put the auto-generated subscriber sign up form.

Download a FREE FULLY FUNCTIONAL Trial Version of our program below. The Trial version is limited to 9 executions only. Only 1 per customer.

There are no ads in the Trial or Full version of the software whatsoever. No special equipment like cellphone or cellular modem necessary!

We deliver outstanding support for this product. Email us at the address enclosed in the Help File, or alternatively click the "Contact Us" link at the top of this page.

See the screenshots below:

Autoblast SMS screenshot1      Autoblast SMS screenshot2    Autoblast SMS screenshot3    AutoBlast SMS screenshot4

AutoBlast SMS screenshot5

This is a Super Deal at $9.99, when comparing to subscription-based Group SMS services. Try It FREE NOW!!

AutoBlast SMS is Available for download below:

Autoblast SMS
Price: $9.99
Autoblast SMS
Price: $0.00

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*(no re-sale or distribution rights are granted).